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Dux ROI Calculator

This calculator is designed to use actual fluid flow rates that have been measured. DUX spray guns typically achieve a Transfer Efficiency (TE) that is 15-40% higher than other spray equipment.  However, TE can be difficult to accurately measure in the “real world”.  Operators often do not know the level of TE they are achieving with existing equipment – especially when objects of different sizes and shapes are coated throughout the day – so it can be difficult to quantify the precise savings from DUX equipment.

Gun Purchase Data
Number of Dux Guns To Be Purchased:
Gun Selector
Gun Selector:
Dux Demo Data Measured Values
Current Fluid Flow Rate (Oz/Min):
Dux Fluid Flow Rate(Oz/Min):
Material Savings (Oz/Min):
Material Savings Percentage (%):
Number of Work Days Per Year (days):
Estimated Filter & Cleanup Savings with Dux Gun (%):
Coatings Data Current Value Dux Value
Average Daily Coatings Usage (Gal):
Average Price Of Coatings (Per Gal): $
Filter Data Current Value Dux Value
Labor Cost For One Complete Filter Change:$
Required Filter Changes Per Year:
Number Of Filter Elements Required Per Filter Changes:
Average Filter Element Cost (Per Element): $
Weekly Filter Disposal Cost:$
Clean-Up Data Current Value Dux Value
Weekly Cleanup Labor Cost:$


1 This model is based upon a combination of measured fluid flow rates and estimated savings percentages. Actual results may vary.

2. Annual calculations are based upon the number of work days/year entered above

3. Filter element, filter disposal, and cleanup savings are based upon the estimated reduction is filter and clean-up entered above

4. ROI Period is the amount of time required to recuperate the cost of DUX guns at :

$599/Pressure Feed .  $799/Platinum Pressure Feed     $875/Platinum Gravity Feed $1,595/Manifold Automatic .    $1,295/Automatic

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