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Laminar Airflow: Reduction in Turbulence

Conventional HVLP Guns, as seen on the left utilize multiple sharp corners in interior passageways. This increases air turbulence, which is difficult to move and requires very high inlet pressure.

All Dux guns, as seen on the right, utilize our patented Advanced Laminar Airflow Design. This technology is centered around sweeping air passages, creating little-to-no air turbulence maximizing efficient airflow throughout the gun.

Dux vs. the Competition: Booth Fog Test

In a 4 Gun Test, with all guns set to equal fan width and fluid flow rates, you can visibly see how the Dux Gun minimized booth fog over the 30 second duration. In the end, the Dux Gun is the only booth where part of the Snellen Eye Chart  remains visible.

Dux vs Competitor: Paint Sag Test

Dux vs a  Competitor:

Notice how the Dux Gun (on top) sprays paint evenly, with very little sagging while the Competition (on bottom) sprays heavily, with significant sagging.

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