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New in 2021!

Dux Platinum Gravity Feed Series 3K Spray Gun

Always focused on improving the spraying experience, we took what customers loved about our gun, and improved upon it. Still incorporating our patented Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology, the Platinum Gravity Feed improves on our original design and introduces several new features. Based upon feedback from customers across various industries, it became clear what was missing: Operators wanted a gun with self-adjusting packing ; a removable rear for improved cleaning efficiency; and a body that is plated with a new coating that is embedded with PTFE for easier cleaning and longer parts life. With the Platinum Gravity Feed, you can do just that! You can spray nearly any type of fluid, onto nearly any surface with a single gun – while reducing coatings usage and improving finish quality.

Used when smaller quantities of coating or more frequent material changes are required, this version of the DUX spray gun is designed with a center mounted fluid cup and a shorter barrel than competing guns. This allows it to fit into tight spaces while maintaining a balanced and lightweight feel for the operator.

Most gravity feed spray guns incorporate bulky, front-heavy body designs that are made even heavier by the addition of heavy fluid cups. With the DUX Gravity Feed’s short air passages, the body of the gun is compact making it lighter, more ergonomic, and easier to use. A center mounted fluid cup also helps balance the spray gun, leading to reduced arm and wrist fatigue. Finally, lower operating pressures result in massive reductions in unhealthy paint booth fog and overspray, drastically improving the work environment for everyone involved. The way we see it, clearer air isn’t just a regulatory mandate. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Download Dux Platinum Gravity Feed DataSheet

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