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Dux Manifold Automatic Spray Gun

The DUX Manifold Automatic is designed for rapid removal and replacement of the spray head, without the time-consuming chore of repositioning and recalibration.  Releasing the spray head from the block allows for cleaning and maintenance without having to reset the inputs from the robot or line.  Plus, you still benefit from our patented Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology, resulting in the incredible efficiency you’ve come to expect from all DUX products

The DUX Manifold Automatic spray gun uses a patented technology to reduce overspray and booth “fog”.  Less paint in the air means more paint on the target and a corresponding decrease in booth filter replacement and hazardous waste disposal fees, potentially cutting the operating cost of a finishing line by 50%. Since the DUX Manifold Automatic achieves atomization with a lower volume of air, you may also see a reduction in compressor energy consumption

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