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New in 2021!

Dux Platinum Pressure Feed Series 3K Spray Gun

Always focused on improving the spraying experience, we took what customers loved about our gun, and improved upon it. Still incorporating our patented Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology, the Platinum Pressure Feed improves on our original design and introduces several new features. Based upon feedback from customers across various industries, it became clear what was missing: Operators wanted a gun with self-adjusting packing ; a removable rear for improved cleaning efficiency; and a body that is plated with a new coating that is embedded with PTFE for easier cleaning and longer parts life . With the Platinum Pressure Feed, you can do just that! You can spray nearly any type of fluid, onto nearly any surface with a single gun – while reducing coatings usage and improving finish quality.

If you have ever sprayed with a DUX Pressure Feed Gun in the past, you will immediately notice a difference when you pick up the Platinum Pressure Feed. This gun is plated with Diamond EN-PTFE, a hardy and lubricious coating that will extend the life of the gun and make cleaning a breeze. We’ve incorporated our new fan control mechanism to enhance user control over the fan pattern. We’ve also redesigned the packing assembly around the fluid needle, with our proprietary Dux self-adjusting packing, making packing adjustments a thing of the past. Since the Sleeve A is removable ( and fully maintenance-able) and contains the packing, cleaning brushes can now fully traverse the bore of the gun body, preventing paint build up on edges/ledges. To top it all off we’ve designed an optional grip to enhance the ergonomic feel inherent in all DUX spray guns.

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